Financial Benefits, Inc.

Ultimately, this is about time.

The quality of your life, or your business is the result of the decisions you make over time.

You have important decisions to make, and we’ve built a firm that specializes in helping you make them. But it’s not enough to just check them off the list; they need to be sound, solid decisions based on a plan that makes sense. That’s where we come in.

It starts by
what matters most.

Your plans for the future have to start by understanding what actually matters to you, and why that’s important. Most financial advisors move to conversations about specific tactics, solutions, or products without understanding what you really want to achieve. We simply don’t do it that way. Quite simply, our conversations start by getting a sense of how you want the future to be. No one can control the future, but you can have an idea of how you want it to look. And when you can describe that, then you can start to recognize goals that will actually move you in that direction. We call these Above The Line™ conversations; conversations that take a look at what matters to you and why, before we head below the line and figure out solid ways to help you move toward your future.

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Then we go one step further...

Pressure-testing your goals is a great way to ensure they’re the ones that will make sense in the long term. That’s why we work with you to rank and sequence your goals, and then dig deeper:


Is it clearly stated and will it contribute to your Vision? Too often, people move directly into a "goals" conversation before taking a minute to slow down and really appreciate the big picture, the vision that’s behind the goals.


Why is the goal important to you, your business, your family or your community?

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When you become one of our Financial Professionals, you’re part of an extensive career agency system. That means we provide you with all the guidance, support, and resources you’ll need to do what you do best: serving your clients’ needs.


What could get in the way of your progress?


How ready are you to actually act on this goal? When you’re clear, and when you’ve tested your goals using our proprietary GISOR™ model, we’ll ask you to sign off on those goals. And when you’re clear, we’re clear. We can develop financial plans, approaches, strategies and solutions that will help you achieve those goals and move toward the future you want. Not everyone plans like we do. Not everyone wants to know what’s important to you. But we do. It’s the heart and soul of our work.